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• Onshore and Offshore Exploration & Production (E&P)
• Onshore
• Upstream Facilities
• Well Sites


• Pipelines
• Storage
• Terminals
• Transportation


• Refineries
• Processing Plants
• Petrochemical Plants
• Natural Gas Distributors


Refinery/ Chemical Plants

• Inspection Project Management
• Risk Based Inspection (RBI) support
• API Inspectors - API 510, 570, 653 and CWI
• ASNT NDT Technicians - UTT, PT, MT, VT
• Specialized NDT Services Provided through partner company
• On-Stream Circuiting, Field Sketching, AutoCAD, Data Analysis
• Meridium® / UlraPIPE® / PCMS®• Electronic Status Tracking and Reporting
• Electronic Wall Charts
• Discovery - API Inspectors with Unit/ Equipment Experience Specific to Client's Turnaround
• Repair Recommendations/ Follow-Up Inspection Documentation with Clearly Stated Recommendations Based on Operating Parameters.



• Design, Project Specifications and Execution Plan
• Installation and Dry-out Procedures
• API 936 Refractory Inspection
• Refractory lining Evaluation and Repair Recommendations
• Assessment of Equipment while in Operation
• Refractory Training
• Failure Analysis
• Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Castable Materials and Brick Lining Systems
• FCC, SRU, ACID Gas, Boilers, Thermal Oxidizers, Heaters, Ethylene Furnaces, Cokers, Calciners

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Refractory Inspection & Consulting

Fabrication Shops

Our core values of safety, integrity, and customer service from each employee has allowed us to support our clients in upstream, midstream, and downstream projects.

Gas Plants

- FCC, SRU, Acid Gas, Boilers, Thermal Oxidizers, Heaters, Ethylene Furnaces, Cokers, Calciners
- Upstream Oil & Gas Production

Well Sites

- Well Site Supervision & Troubleshooting
- Well & Facility Hook-up Supervision
- Oil & Gas Well Site Projects

Offices across the globe.