Consulting And Field Services, LLC

Mechanical, NDT and Refractory Inspection Services

Consulting and Field Services (CFS) is an inspector owned inspection company.  Since 1995 CFS has been dedicated to providing the best Mechanical, NDT and Refractory Inspection services offered within the industry.


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Turnaround and Project Services

• Turnaround Planning
• Inspection
•  Quality Control
•  API 510 – Pressure Vessel Inspector
•  API 570 – Piping Inspector
•  API 653 – Tank Inspector
•  API 936 – Refractory Personnel
•  AWS CWI – Welding Inspection
•  NDT Technicians
•  Advanced NDT Services
•  Inspection Project Management
•  Tank Inspections
•  NACE Coating Inspections
•  Tank Strapping
•  Settlement Surveys
•  Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) – Tank Floors
•  FCC Specialists
•  Refractory Specialists

Advanced NDT Services

• Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
• AUT Corrosion Mapping
• Weld Inspections

Non-Destructive Testing

• Penetrant Testing (PT)
• Magnetic-Particle Testing (MT)
• Positive Material Identification (PMI)
• Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
• Visual Testing (VT)
• Brinell Hardness Testing (BHT)
• Vacuum Box, Borescope
• Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) – Tank Floors

Vendor / Fab-Shop Surveillance Inspection

• QAQC Monitoring
• AWS CWI/API 510/API 936 Inspection
• Surveillance
• Source Inspector
• Installer Qualification

Onstream Inspection Services

• Baseline
• Reinspect
• On-Stream Circuitizing and Redline P&ID’s
• Field Sketching
• AutoCAD
• Data Analysis
• Meridium / UltraPIPE / PCMS Electronic Status Tracking and Reporting
• Repair Recommendations

Refractory Laboratory Testing Services

• API-936 Testing 
• ASTM C20 - Porosity
• ASTM C113 & C269 - Permanent Linear Change
• ASTM C134 – Density
• ASTM C704 & 704M – Abrasion Test
• ASTM C133 – Crush and Modulus Strength Test
• ASTM C860, C862, C865 – Sample Preparation & Firing
• Customized Test Plans and Specialty Testing upon request

Refractory Consulting Services

Refractory project estimating
Able to take approved fabrication drawings to develop a budgetary estimate of any maintenance or capital refractory lined project

Specification development / review
Develop specifications to implement for any refractory project and tailored for the clients specific service needs or review of already established specification mandates

Procedure development  / review
Develop detailed refractory installation procedures based on the materials and preferred installation applications outlined within the process engineering mandates

Proprietary ITP development / review
Develop and design proprietary Inspection Test Plans that capture the required technical inspection points of the fabrication and refractory installation process

• Comprehensive QA/QC development / simplified - good tractability tracking program development
Able to work with the refractory contractor and the end client to develop and implement a comprehensive QA/QC program tailored to each specific project


• Mechanical Integrity Programs
• Fitness for Service
• Gap Analysis
• PSM Review & Development
• Procedures
• IDMS System
• Inspection APP

Regulatory Compliance

• Integrity Management Plans
• OSHA Compliance
• API Compliance
• PHMSA Compliance

Additional Services being added all the time.

Industries Served

Safety, efficiency, and attention to detail are our chief concerns. With our in depth initial planning procedures and careful on-site management of personnel, materials, and costs, you can rest assured of a highly successful turnaround.

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Safety Always

We believe safety is an everyday, all the time function. From upper management to the newest employee we all contribute to CFS’ culture of safety. Our goal is to continuously improve through a plan, do, check, act approach. We take a proactive approach to safety focusing on positive coaching and education to ensure each employee is ready to go to work when we arrive at your site.

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CFS Staff

Providing Support

· Pre-work Planning and Development
· Written Safety Programs
· Policies & Site-Specific Safety Plans
· Safety Education and Training
· Field Support to Client Safety Staff
· Hazard Assessment and Onsite safety evaluations
· Regulatory Compliance Support

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