CFS Safety - Priority One

Our CFS Goal is ZERO HARM for Safety, Health & Environmental

Our CFS Safety Process & Work Process are Integral

  • Management Support Provided at All Levels
  • We commit to Valuing Self and Valuing Others
  • Work Planning Process starts with Safety
  • Our Results Demonstrates our Performance
    • Ten (10) consecutive years – Zero (0) Lost-Workday Cases
      • Ten (10) consecutive years – One (1) OSHA Recordable Case
        • Workers’ Compensation MOD Rate – Always less than 0.99
          • Zero (0) Regulatory Violations in our history
              • Safe Work is a Condition of Employment
              • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before every job, every day
              • Fulltime Safety Professional Resource

              • Our CFS Employees Well-Being is Our Key Focus

                  • Employee Quality People
                  • Train to Skill Levels to enable Quality Work
                  • Provide Safety Training for Hazards Recognition
                  • Provide Leadership for Developing Team Work
                  • Equip Employees with Procedures for Work Assignments
                  • Provide Quality PPE for Recognized Hazards
                  • Reward Accomplishments

                  Our Commitment to our Clients;
                  "Our CFS Safety Success Will Contribute to Your Success"


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