In response to the increasing demands of the industry and in order to better serve our client base, Consulting and Field Services, LLC (CFS) of Ponca City has opened a refractory test lab in Tulsa, OK.

PRESS RELEASE – December 7, 2015

It is with great pleasure I introduce our Tulsa Lab Manager Mr. Mike LaVallee who has nearly 30 years of refractory experience from a three dimensional perspective:

  • As a lab manager involved in every aspect of lab operations
  • As a third party inspector for various domestic and foreign jobs
  • As a contractor in various roles of quality inspection and control
  • His experience in these various disciplines has enabled him to have a well-rounded understanding of refractories. Knowledge of material properties coupled with the practicality of application of those materials in the field enables the CFS Tulsa Lab to provide a greater degree of technical assistance to your project.
    Mike has a strong technical background, keen insight into refractory issues, and the ability to diagnose problems by getting to the root of those problems; he believes that good information is the key to satisfactory resolutions. For this reason, he is a crusader against refractory lore, myth, and misinformation while championing education and skills development.

    A word from Mike:

    Trust is something not easily earned these days in an” image and information” culture. We can be overwhelmed with, often conflicting input, while having little time to filter through it all. In order for trust to exist, integrity is a must. For those who know me, my pledge to integrity remains. For those who don’t, I will work to earn your trust as well.