Safety Director

January 21st 2019

Ponca City, OK Office


The Safety Director function exists to enable the Company to achieve its ongoing financial and business goals by leading, facilitating and supporting all employees in their effort to achieve consistent superior safety performance results based on the goal of ZERO injuries throughout the Company. The Safety Director reports to the CFS General Manager.


The Safety Director is integral to, and directly accountable for providing safety leadership and support for all aspects of the Company’s work. CFS performs Mechanical Integrity Inspections utilizing certified API Refractory and API Mechanical Inspectors and NDE Technicians to conduct both internal and external visual non-destructive examination on client’s equipment. CFS performs work in oil refineries, gas-plants and petrochemical facilities throughout the United States and in other non-US countries.

  • Continue the ongoing implementation of the CFS Safety Process and lead the development and implementation of additional components of the process for continuous improvements.
  • Interact with and support employees at various work locations to enable each of them to know the CFS Safe Work Processes and to gain feedback from them on how CFS Safety can be enhanced at their work location. Conduct Safety Audits for gaining insight for improvements.
  • Become acquainted with CFS Client’s Safety Leadership Team(s) to learn the roles and expectations the client has for integrating and implementing their Safety Processes.
  • Travel to and provide personal on-site support for turnaround projects and other field projects which may require being gone from home residence for days or weeks at a time. Physically capable of climbing structure platforms, scaffolds, ladders and going inside of confined spaces, working in wide temperature variations between hot and cold, utilizing fall protection PPE, use respirators and other physically demanding work, etc.
  • Support Turnaround and Field Project Teams ahead of projects and provide for required Safety PPE, supplies and equipment. Liaison with Safety Equipment vendors located at the work-sites to establish processes and authority for Project Leads to make draws from the site stores.
  • Develop and grow additional Leadership and Technical Skills required for achieving continuous improvements in overall safety performance results within the Company.
  • Maintain current accurate information for digital online support required by consortiums such as ISNetworld and others, and data required by CFS, OSHA, Clients and Third-Party Vendors.
  • Maintain Existing and Develop New Safety and Health written procedures.
  • Lead others to grow their values for the Safety Culture.

  • • Possess appropriate Safety Related work history, education and knowledge associated with oil refineries and/or other similar type industries. Demonstrate qualities and skills required to accept immediate Safety accountabilities for the scopes of work performed by CFS employees. Characteristics and abilities to perform work independently without presence of supervision.
  • • Capabilities for positive interactions with personnel at all levels of accountabilities within the Company and with client representatives, regulatory agents, medical professionals, vendors, etc.
  • • Possess the willingness and skills required to lead toward earned respect and committed support from CFS employees as well as the client’s representatives and others.
  • • Proficient English Language reading, verbal and written communications skills are required. Certain Bi-lingual skills may be a positive asset.
  • • Knowledge and skills required for selecting, operating and maintaining a wide array of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), general safety equipment, electronic monitors and detectors, compressed gases, etc., and the capability to instruct employees in their safe use.
  • • Knowledgeable of applicable OSHA regulatory standards and the OSHA requirements for reporting of normal work history logs, timely injury reporting, Hazardous Substances, etc.
  • • Skills for leading and championing the Safety and Health work process in a way that demonstrates commitment and value for all persons involved with the process.
  • • Attention to details is required with timely reporting/informing management of priority matters.
  • • Immediate response and actions are required for any employees’ report of injury. Capable of remaining clam and not adversely impacted when dealing with/about an injured person.
  • • Computer skills are required and must be capable of working independently with various software including WORD, Excel, SharePoint, Outlook, Client’s online web sites, etc. Adaptive to maintaining work flow between intermittently working between office and field.

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